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This blog will be updated regularly for new members. The basic rules are on the front page, but here they are with examples as well, because there is a grey are in some rules where a picture might get accepted or declined according to the personal opinion of the admin.

First of all:
:icontreehuggerplz: WE ARE A GROUP FOCUSED ON TREES IN TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL ART. For tree photography, go to our sister group :icontreephotographers:
A tree or its part MUST be the main part of the picture, or at least one of its main parts, not just background.

Slavic Oak by MirachRavaia Wintermorning by LeenOne :iconyesbuttonplz: - the tree is clearly the main part of the picture
Forest by Moolver-sin Story by JoaRosa :iconyesbuttonplz: - trees are not the only focus of the picture, but they are still important in it.
Winterland Snowy Owl by SuliannH Winter Robin by rebeccahirst :iconmaybebuttonplz: - the tree makes more of a background for the main object of the picture, but is still seen in detail. Depends on the level of detail and mood of the admin. The border of what is a main part is quite thin, so forgive us if your definition is different than ours. Please don't complain if such picture gets declined :)
Mirkwood by WinterStag Princess Luna - night flight by zarielcharoitite :iconnobuttonplz:- trees are just background here
Alvearia by Adeline-Martin Spell Doctor by ianessom :iconnobuttonplz: - no trees at all...

Photography submissions to the gallery will be declined, but you can submit them to the group's favourites:…

Grune Felder I by brunaschneemann:thumb140024134: :iconnobuttonplz:, but accepted in the favourites.

The submission limit is three works per day.

Our gallery folders are:
:icontreehuggerplz: Traditional art - for traditional drawings and paintings:
The Shire by SarkaSkorpikova Chickadee Forest by Hanafae :iconyesbuttonplz:

:icontreehuggerplz: Digital art - for digital drawings and paintings
The Light in my Darkness by woutart:thumb496736739: :iconyesbuttonplz:

:icontreehuggerplz: Literature - for poems and stories featuring trees
The Linden TreesThe trees of Linden, tall and green
      Stretch far and wide and whisper oft
           Of days of yore they once had seen
                When winding brook did murmur soft
                        To rest beneath their boughs so lean
                   And lie amongst their leafy loft
                            To sing to those who harken keen
The Ogham Lines - Part OneBeithe
The Year-Wheel turns and begins anew
Bright-white birch stands spindly and askew
Bone-bare trees awaiting to leaf
From death comes again the King from beneath
A beautiful maiden stands in forests fair
Grey is her skin, fine is her hair
Delicate eyebrows upon a finely-chiseled face
Draw down as you enter this once-sacred place
Silver and withering 'neath a tumultuous gale
Winter becomes Spring, with sleet and presumptuous hail;
Never does she quiver, never does she take
A form to be envied by all that she might make.
I grow, I shine, I stand upon the rock
Where a church may rise, where a conqueror may knock
And I drink in deep the air and smoke
The above calls here, where others have broke
Blazing, burning, intoxicating the air
Herbs in wood and water make every sight most fair
Dancing, entranced, the willworkers do fumble
Scrawling down visions described in delirium's mumble
Beads for berries, beads of blood
The hardiest men drip rivers that flood

:icontreehuggerplz: Crafts and Design - sculpture, body art, jewelery, bead work and everything handmade, also tattoo and t-shirt design
CM038 by CliveBarrieMaddison Fyllis by AstriasHandmade Abstract Tree by koraykaragozler :iconyesbuttonplz:

:icontreehuggerplz: Fractal Trees - made with fractal programs like Apophysis, including fractal manipulations
Life of Tree by LaxmiJayaraj Possession by Hel1x :iconyesbuttonplz:

:icontreehuggerplz: Photomanipulation - must be easily discernable from a photo, not just a photo with some filters but more connected elements, and should be in the digital art-> photomanipulation cathegory
The Source Of Life - Desktopography 2014 by Whendell A tree in the City by annewipf :iconyesbuttonplz:
Golden tree by megaossa Asymmetrical Symmetry by Raffyka - :iconmaybebuttonplz: - sometimes we make an exception from the "just photo with filters" rule, or just a simple digital effect, as it can create interesting abstract results. Depends on the quality of the picture if it gets accepted.
Autumns Fire by Estruda Breakthrough by Anj3lla :iconnobuttonplz: - digitally enhanced photo or photo with digital filters. Sometimes the authors themselves put the picture in "photogarphy" cathegory. Such "photography-photomanipulation" hybrids are accepted in the "Photomanipulation" folder of our sister group  Treephotographers - treephotographers.deviantart.c…

:icontreehuggerplz: Living monuments - is the only photography folder, but it's only for the photos of the most exceptional trees - biggest, oldest, with exceptional history... If the reason of submitting the photo into this folder is not obvious, it must be stated in the artist's comments. Please don't submit a photo of every bigger tree in your surroundings, the true living monuments are only a few, and collecting them is the sense of this folder.
Sabawald Germany 01 by theogroen Tule tree 02 by Niaoblis :iconyesbuttonplz:
Untitled by Rutiej A View From Beyond by Hluthvik - :iconmaybebuttonplz: - I accepted these for some reason, although it's not clear on the first sight if they are that big or old. I sometimes just hate clicking the "no" button, especially if the picture has been sitting between the submissions for a while... :) And it's hard to tell the size of a tree without a reference, so I tell myself that they might really be big...
Trees by Estruda Sun is a cannon ball by MirachRavaia :iconnobuttonplz:, but again, it is accepted in the favourites, or in Treephotographers.

:icontreehuggerplz: Art for Trees project - This gallery is for photos of YOU planting trees for this project , and for the art created specifically as a reward for those who do. Often non-members submit to this gallery, because it's open for them as well. If the art is acceptable in any other folder, it will be accepted and moved there, if not, it will be declined.

Art for Trees - project:iconspringtree-1plz::iconspringtree-2plz::iconspringtree-3plz::iconspringtree-4plz::iconspringtree-4pl5:
"When is the best time to plant a tree? Twenty years ago. The second best time? Today."
- Chinese proverb
2014: This is the 3rd year of the project. There are many people supporting it, featuring it in their journal and offering art. BUT... There have been NO trees planted for it in the last year (I don't count mine). So, instead of talking about it, how about getting up and actually planting a tree, if you are able to? There is a lot of wonderful art waiting for you as a reward!
Trees are important, valuable and necessary to our very existence. It's not too hard to believe that, without trees we humans would not exist on this beautiful planet. Trees are the largest and longest living organisms on earth. To grow tall the tree has become a miracle of engineering and a complex chemical factory. It is able to take water and

:icontreehuggerplz: "non-members submit here" - as the title says. Again, this folder is open for non-members as well, because sometimes you paint just one picture of a tree and don't feel like joining a group because of it. Your tree is still welcome here :) But again, it must be an art that is acceptable in one of the regular group folders, where it will be moved soon.

:icontreehuggerplz: News and Features - for journals about trees, or featuring pictures of trees. If you like to feature art, and make one about trees, you are welcome to submit there!

:icontreehuggerplz: If you submit to a wrong folder, we will move it to the right one for you. However, try to submit to the right folder, you will spare us work!

Thank you for reading and understanding!

I hope you'll have a nice time in the group! If you have any questions, send a note to the group, or to me, :iconmirachravaia:

Clu-art Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you! :clap:
For photomanipulation, I also consider the following: if only layers or textures or filters have been used --> Darkroom. If new elements have been added to the photo or it's basic structure has been changed significantly or it has been painted over --> photomanip.
MirachRavaia Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, that's what I meant too, but you formulated it better :D
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